Giving something back to charity

We were planning to launch The Dandy Snack Club in early 2020, but then the Covid-19 pandemic hit and, well, we decided to hang fire as we didn’t know what the future would hold.

So when thinking back to the planning stage, one the key things we wanted to achieve was to support charitable causes on our journey. And there was no better time to do that so we decided to get the site live and just “go for it”.

At the point of launch in May 2020, we promised to donate £1 from the sale of every box to charity. All we needed now was a) a charity, and b) some customers!

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic there could be only one choice – NHS Charities Together.

Thankfully, customers came thick and fast! We were blown away by the support and sold out of our first batch of snack boxes within a fortnight (we thought we had enough for at least two months!).

That meant that we were able to make a 3-figure donation to our NHS at the end of month one. Not enough to make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things, but a proud feeling of “doing our bit” all the same. So much so that we decided to stick with the same charity for month two, when we were able to make another (3-figures again!) donation.

This really wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing customers, so for that we are super grateful.

But this is just the start!

Rest assured we’ll be supporting more charities on our Dandy Snack journey. With every box sold we’ll be donating a portion direct to charity. Check back here from time to time to see just who we are supporting at any given time.

Working together to help others. Thank you.



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