Welcome to the Dandy Snack Blog

We’ve been live for two months now and we thought it was about time that we told you a little more about us.

Sure, you can see all the information about our delicious snack boxes on our shop pages, so instead we’ll be using this space to post “regular” updates about new box variations, promotions, competitions and more.

We pride ourselves on being an ethical business and giving something back too. So we’ll be sharing information about where our recycled boxes come from, how we’re pushing our suppliers to reduce waste and info about our charitable donations.

We’re constantly sourcing new suppliers too and so you might see some of them featured here from time to time. Many of our artisan producers have amazing back-stories about how they came about and we’d love to help tell them.

That’s all for now, but you can find more information on our About Us page.

Welcome aboard Dandy Snackers; we think you’re going to love it here…

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